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Fojography 101

Take pretty pictures

Print them using Enfojer and your iPhone

Organize exhibition, frame them, sell them, send them as postcards

Fojographers at work - join them - Fojalize!

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Billed as a way to bring back the romance of the darkroom in the smartphone era.

In addition to being an easy way to learn about darkroom developing, the Enfojer is also economical...

It (Enfojer) brings the world of smartphone photography into the traditional techniques of home photo developing and printing, but without actually needing film.

I can tell you this much: I’ve tried it, and I want it. And I wasn’t that much of a photo enthusiast to begin with.

Here’s a fun little toy that might be of interest to playful photography enthusiasts and tinkerers.

Of course there’s no shortage of services offering to pro print your Instagram photos for you, but Enfojer has an educational / enthusiast angle since it’s DIY photo printing.

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